Republicans are Targeting the Independent Votes

4 01 2012
Romney Wins by 8 votes
Romney Wins by 8 votes

After Iowa caucus, there is an indication of a rift in a Republican party between conservative (Santorum, Paul, Gingrich, Perry) and moderate (Romney, Huntsman) Republicans.  But is it really a rift or a predefined RNC strategy?

Last night in his closing speech, Santorum reminded everyone that Romney engineered Romney Care. Gingrich supported Santorum’s upside and was on a serious attack against Romney, calling him a “Timid Massachusetts moderate”.

What IF this is all part of Republican National Committee strategy; a strategy to attract independents?

By electing a moderate Republican, independents are likely to receive the benefits of the economic package, health care continuation and a social uninterruption (abortion, LGBT issues, religion).  Enter John McCain’s endorsement of Romney.  Both were at one time proclaimed as moderates.  Even Karl Rove supports Mitt Romney.

More conservative Republicans bag on moderate Republicans.  One is for sure — more conservative and liberal-leaning independents are likely to vote for a moderate Republican providing that economic plan is in place.

Unfortunately, neither moderate candidate Romney nor Huntsman have a strong economic platform, giving Obama more time to put a comprehensive economic platform strategy in place.


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